• The Ballymun Job Centre (BJC) was established in 1986 as a community response to a chronic unemployment situation.
  • Since opening, the BJC has adapted to changes in the environment in order to respond more effectively to the needs of the community.
  • A voluntary organisation with charitable status, the BJC has a proven track record of providing quality and innovative services.
  • The BJC is a central landmark in the Ballymun community operating from the local shopping centre.

In 1986 when the BJC was established, Ireland and the community in Ballymun faced serious social, personal and family situations that challenged the very fabric of our community. One of the main problems faced by the country and the community was high levels of unemployment. During the period of the “Celtic Tiger” the community experienced some positive changes, unemployment fell to an all-time low, the regeneration of the area started and the area began to attract employers, providing local employment opportunities. The last few years have seen dramatic changes in Ireland’s economic position. As a result unemployment is again a major challenge for the country and the Ballymun community.

The BJC is very well placed to meet this challenge. In doing so we will continue to develop and work in partnership with our staff, the clients, local community, employers and individuals in other agencies and organisations.

Pic: Ballymun in the early days, pre the Regeneration!