Relationships with Employers

A key element of the work at the BJC is to build relationships with employers. The BJC provides a professional and free service to employers assisting them in recruitment of staff. The BJC has over twenty years of experience working with employers in meeting their recruitment needs.

We believe each employer is unique. The Staff of the BJC work to understand the distinctive recruitment needs of employers and match people accordingly.
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Simple steps to meeting your recruitment needs

  • Step One

    Meeting Employer – Getting to know and understand the employers requirements

  • Step Two

    Job Order Process – Getting Details for the Job Order, completing the required Job and person specifications form with the employer

  • Step Three

    Matching Process – Identification and selection of potential candidates, matching them with the job and person sepcification

  • Step four

    Screening Process – Screening of potential Candidates by experienced staff of the BJC placement team

  • Step Five

    Selection Process – a shortlisted selection of CV’s and organisaing Interviews with employers for potential candidates

Step one
Before the selection process, the BJC staff meet with the employer in order to understand the employers requirements. This includes the employer’s expectation of the job, the job description, the terms and conditions and the person specification.

Step two
Following step one above, a job order form is completed with the employer and provides a comprehensive description of the job description, i.e. salary, hours and other relevant information, and the profile of the person required. This information is used as a method of informing job seekers about the vacancy and is also used as part of the potential candidate matching process.

Step three
Once the details of the vacancy are agreed and the Job Order complete, BJC staff begin the process of identifying potential candidates. From working with clients staff can quickly identify individuals that match the job and the person specification. Our staff contact the clients to discuss the vacancy and the details of the job. If they are suitable they are selected as potential candidates.

Step four
This step involves staff meeting with our clients to discuss the job vacancy and screen any suitable candidates, using the job and person specifications, in order to make a shortlist of potential candidates for consideration for interview by the employer.

Step five
A shortlist is drawn up and the employer is given a selection of CV’s. From the shortlist of CV’s the employer selects the candidates they wish to call for interview. The BJC staff will contact the candidates and arrange to set up interviews with the employer and if necessary, the BJC can provide interview facilities. And if successful the BJC Staff will follow up with the employer to discuss how the placement is working out.

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