The Job Club, funded by DSP, enables clients to develop more effective job search skills and to prepare for job interviews.

The Job Club maintains and develops an individual’s level of confidence and motivation to look for a job, increases the individual’s chances of obtaining a job interview and increases skills to perform effectively at an interview.

A Job Club brings together unemployed people of all ages who are looking for work.
It provides a range of facilities and services to help people secure employment. Attendance is voluntary and free of charge!

Members of the Job club are all unemployed persons, who have a common goal – a genuine interest in finding work. Under the expert guidance of the Job Club Leaders, members receive training and support in developing their job seeking skills.

Members also work together, share their experiences and explore local work opportunities. When you become a member, the Job Club will build your confidence and show you how jobs can be found. It will also provide you with the resources needed for an intensive search for work.

The Job Club provides a range of services and facilities to members including:
• A Resource Centre
• Formal Training
• Support and Advice in Sourcing Jobs
The Job Club’s Resource Centre can provide you with facilities to help you find work, including:
• Access to Job Seeking supports (phones, emails, Internet, printing and photocopying)
• Access to Job Vacancy listing and information
• Professional CV
• Assistance with job application letters
• Assistance with job application forms & aptitude tests
• Assistance with Job Seeking Skills
• Interview coaching
The Job Club also provides formal training sessions. The formal sessions comprise of two weeks practical Job Seeking skills, Interview skills, Group exercises and Basic IT skills.

These run approximately twice each month and listed below are the modules covered on the formal sessions:

  • CV Preparation
  • How to successfully write/type your own Cover Letters
  • How to successfully complete Online and soft copy Application Forms
  • Team Building Exercises
  • Confidence Building Exercises
  • Interview Preparation and Techniques
  • Mock Interview and Feedback
  • Basic IT Skills – using the internet, setting up an email address etc.
The Job Club Leader has a good knowledge of local business and will be able to discuss local work opportunities with you. The Leader will also be able to steer you in the right direction towards a job suited to your skills and abilities. You will have access to daily newspapers and other information directories that will help to secure you a job.
If you are interested in any of the above you can drop into your local Ballymun Job Centre office and register with us to avail of the drop in facilities there, or if you are already a client of the BJC you can ask your Guidance Officer to refer you to the Job Club. Clients may also be referred by their local Intreo Office (DSP).
Contact Job Club Leader Mandy Creevy: telephone 01 8667000
If you are interested in taking part in one of our Job Club Training Sessions then please check out the following upcoming dates:

February 2017:


March 2017:


April 2017:


May 2017:


June 2017:


July 2017:


August 2017:


September 2017:


October 2017:


November 2017:


December 2017:


To apply for any of the above dates,  please contact your guidance officer or contact the Job Club Leader here by completing the contact form.

“I am writing this short letter in relation to the Job Club I attended in Ballymun a few months ago and to share with you the experience I had while I attended there. I found the information beneficial and insightful, the CV preparation really taught me how to think about and identify my skillsets and qualifications, allowing me to create a stronger profile on paper than I had beforehand, also the information on cover letters clarified the importance of using them in the quest of employment, and how they help you stand out from the crowd to an employer, which I wouldn’t have use in the past.

The Job club also covered interview techniques, filling out application forms and also some of the online job seeking sites available. I gained a lot from these sessions as I wasn’t aware of the many online sites available.

The interview techniques and filling application forms session covered the importance of research and preparation. I found these sessions very useful as I wasn’t sure how to sell my skills confidently and it also helped me to put into perspective the skills I have to offer. The Job Club has helped me to become more confident in my approach to seeking employment which I was lacking before I did the club. I really feel I have benefited from doing these sessions as I use these skills every time I’m applying for jobs”.

Kind Regards,
Catherine Delaney.

” I found the Jobs Club Formal Sessions to be very beneficial in helping me in whatever way possible to get back to work. From doing C.V’s, Cover letters and mock interviews in a relaxed and positive environment it really helped me get my mind set on returning to work. And through the Jobs Club Formal sessions with the help of my tutor i successfully gained employment. I would recommend the Jobs Club to anyone who is serious about going back to work as they will do everything in there power to help you”

Keith o’ Reilly