Take Initiative 2016

  • 16 week programme

    Course Aim:
    In the interest of meeting the needs of our client group, within the job centre and also other local training courses, the programme will offer a comprehensive and innovative course specifically developed for clients of the drug and alcohol services.

    The Programme aims to build on the one to one career guidance as already provided by the staff of the BJC.

  • It aims to gently move the appropriate clients into a more challenging but suitable situation of further education, preparation for a higher level of education and training.

    Also to address some of the more subtle challenges that can present for this group when moving into more mainstream services and supports such as, timekeeping, commitment, working well in a group and learning to prioritise ones own progression.

Participants doing Art project


Course content:
Computer Literacy, Communications, Personal Effectiveness QQI Level 3, and STEPS Personal Development.

Further Info:
Each participant will be assigned a career guidance officer who will use a variety of tools to assess and support individuals to reach decisions regarding their future training & employment.

One particular goal of the Programme will be to develop good strong group cohesiveness and encouragement to provide each other with crucial peer support.

In doing so they will begin to develop and contribute to a group environment that is caring and supportive.

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