Quality Systems

The BJC has a range of policies and procedures that provide guidelines and framework for the Board, Management and staff in the day to day operation of the services and projects. These include policies and procedures on finance, service provision, IT usage, equality and diversity, ethical behaviour, health and safety, work place and employment legislation, performance system, etc.

The BJC outlines all of these in its staff handbook. All of these form part of the BJC quality framework. These are independently audited in order to achieve the Q mark quality standard. More details on the Q mark standard can be found here.

The Q mark assesses an organisation across five areas, Leadership and Commitment, Employee Engagement, Excellent Business Systems and Process, Customer Experience and Results. In 2015 the BJC achieved a QMS percentage score of 76%. This compares to a QMS average percentage score of 74%, a high of 93% and a low of 55%.

The BJC is due to be assessed to renew our QMark Standard in 2016.

Seamless Services for Job Seekers:
Funding for the BJC labour market services and activities comes from a variety of different sources.

The service is made up of a number of different and inter-related elements. Each of the separately funded services, projects and activities are linked to form a seamless service to the clients.

Since 1996 the BJC has managed the Local Employment Service Network (LESN) on behalf of the Department of Social Protection (DSP).

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