What is Career Guidance?

The Career Guidance is a core part of the BJC Client Support Services, and provides clients with the opportunity to identify their own innate abilities.

As individuals become aware of their own abilities, labour market possibilities open up.

Career guidance Steps involve:

  • Assessment

    Assessment of current education, training and skills experience

  • One to One support

    Professional one to one support to help you in developing your career

  • Training & Education Support

    Information on/referral to training courses available (Back to Education; Apprenticeships; SOLAS;CDETB)

  • Funding Information

    information on access to financial supports for accredited training programmes

  • Employment Programmes

    Information on / Referral to Community Employment Schemes (CE), JobBridge, TUS;

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Who is it for?

This service is useful for individuals who are unsure about the type of job they would like or are unsure what type of work they would be good at. It provides individuals with an opportunity to explore the education, training or employment choices open to them.

It is also valuable for people with patchy work record, lack of experience or qualifications, interest in training, wanting to explore literacy issues and addressing barriers to employment, e.g. substance abuse, disability, criminal record, childcare issues and so on.

One to One Service

This is a one to one service offering appointments that suit the client’s needs. Clients can avail of career guidance for in-depth assessment using occupational interest inventories and aptitude tests where appropriate, using fun tools to help establish a suitable career.

Our guidance staff are trained in the use of guidance tools and these are used as aids to assist the client identify their interests, aptitudes and preferred behavioural style for the career of their choice.

One to one Guidance Support meetings, in a private and relaxed atmosphere

Eguide guidance tools

This demonstration will show some examples of the type of questions that clients will be asked to answer in our online career guidance personality and aptitude tests called eGuide.

Click here to start the Demonstration of EGUIDE.

career guidance tools

Through our involvement with EU funded programmes we have developed a number of audio/visual, web based career guidance tools.

The tools were developed from our work with our clients where it was found there are significant numbers of unemployed individuals, who are unaware of their own interests, specific aptitudes and personality style, and how this lack of self – knowledge can inhibit the individual in accessing appropriate vocational training and subsequently fulfilling employment.

Check out our Brochures on Eguide for Practitioners and Organisations