INOU Membership


About INOU

The INOU is a federation of unemployed people, unemployed centres, unemployed groups, community organisations and Trade Unions.

The INOU represents and defends the rights and interests of those who want decent employment and cannot obtain it. We promote and campaign for policies to achieve full employment for all.

We also campaign for an acceptable standard of living for unemployed people and their dependents. The INOU is an anti-sectarian, anti-racist, non-party political organisation which promotes equality of opportunity within society.

We can Offer Support

We know that this has been a difficult time for everyone and an incredibly hard time for some people. In addition to the physical health crisis, we know that Covid-19 is really challenging some people’s mental health and wellbeing. 

We know that there are also additional worries for people who are out of work. For some people who were unemployed before Covid-19, it may be very difficult to get work. For those who are currently on a Covid-19 pandemic unemployment payment, there is the uncertainty of knowing whether they will have a job to return to. For others, they will have been on a pandemic unemployment payment, gone back to work and have had to go back on the payment due to a further lockdown.  

We welcome new members. Being an INOU Individual member will give people access to our expert welfare rights information officers; invitations to Individual members meetings; information on training courses and jobs; copies of our ebulletin, our e-based newsletter; a copy of our main publication, Working for Work and being able to meet and talk with other members. There is also an opportunity, if unemployed members would like, to get more involved in the work of the organisation. Check out the link below to Join!–individual-member/individual-membership-form/ 

We also have free Solidarity membership for people in work who would like to show their solidarity with unemployed people and the INOU.–solidarity/solidarity-membership-form/