Welcome to “Choosing My Future,” the Ballymun Job Centres new voluntary career guidance service. The service was born from a deep understanding of the essential need for young adults to access knowledge and support as they embark on their career journeys. Over the years, we’ve observed a troubling trend among young individuals, with many entering low-skilled or low-paid jobs, only to encounter substantial roadblocks due to financial constraints. This unfortunate cycle often results in limited opportunities for career growth, leading to ongoing financial struggles or reliance on social welfare assistance. 

Choosing my future

Our commitment to creating a positive impact is grounded in the belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to build a prosperous and meaningful future. At “Choosing My Future,” our mission is to break this cycle and empower our clients with the tools and guidance needed to pursue careers that offer not only financial stability but also personal fulfilment.  

who is it for?

Through our voluntary service, we proudly present a distinctive “guidance guarantee,” specifically designed for young individuals who are either unemployed or in low-skilled, low-paying roles. Our primary goal is to empower each client, sometimes in collaboration with their employer or mentor employer, to formulate a comprehensive career plan that aligns seamlessly with the demands of today’s job market.


The career plans we craft encompass a range of elements, including training, education, job prospects, personal growth, and the promotion of positive mental well-being. Our approach is unbiased, centered around the individual, and collaborative, ensuring that we address each client’s unique challenges in a comprehensive manner. We draw upon community resources, public services, and employer insights to facilitate sustainable paths in the labour market. 

At “Choosing My Future,” we firmly believe that meaningful work is fundamental for overall well-being. Our dedication lies in guiding our clients to construct careers that not only ensure financial security but also contribute to their overall happiness. 


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To find our more about the Choosing My Future Project please contact us at 01 866 7000,
Shannen Brennan
Project Leader - 087 1634899

Email: info@choosingmyfuture.ie

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