The Ballymun Job Centre BJC would like to invite you to our multiplier event organised in Croke Park Hotel (Fitzroy Meeting room).

Looking at increasing digital readiness of the career guidance sector, this event aims to inspire new ways of thinking about how we deliver career guidance and how technological advancements can factor in to our everyday practices. To do so, two of the BJC’s projects will be presented and discussed – CareerBot, a chat-bot-based, AI-informed career guidance tool; and Good e-Guidance Stories (GeGS), a project which used digitalised case studies and the digital platform Jobiri to support career guidance practitioners, particularly relevant since the Covid-19 pandemic wherein remote guidance became a standard practice.

The event commences at 10am, with an hour lunch factored in at 12.15pm, and concludes at 3pm. Lunch and other light refreshments will be provided on the day. Complimentary car parking provided by Croke Park Hotel.

Reserve your place now via our Eventbrite, and we look forward to seeing you!


Good eGuidance Stories

Project Description

The GeGS project aims to respond to the emerging need for the modernisation of Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) and Vocational Education and Training (VET) sectors across Europe, offering professional digital trainings and AI-based tools for e-guidance.

Accelerated automation, digital transitions and the COVID-19 pandemic are changing the labour market. To meet these challenges, career guidance practitioners will require innovative tools and competences.

These training measures will enhance the efficacy of IAG practice and offer a unique vision to improve VET systems in Europe, centred around the needs of young people. Proposing a holistic policy measure to build resilience for a post Covid-19 digital leap, GeGS will introduce two main training measures:

  1. an interactive professional development curriculum for IAG practitioners in VET
  2. an AI-based digital platform for delivering e-counselling 

First, a transnational, digitally-based Community of Practice (CoP) will facilitate peer-to-peer learning for 180 IAG practitioners participating in the GeGS project. Together, they will develop their professional competences using a unique case-study based curriculum. The “Guide Case Studies” methodology offers a flexible, accessible, motivating, productive and immediately usable training for IAG professionals.

Secondly, GeGS will trial the use of Artificial Intelligence AI-based digital career counselling through the Job4U Jobiri’s e-guidance platform, tailored for individuals, career support institutions and companies. Rolling out the platform will involve 180 IAG professionals and up to 1,350 young people between 16 and 29 years old.

This project led by MetropolisNet EEIG has been developed through the lived experience of thousands across several sectors who have so far been involved in the guide series. Continuing this participatory approach, the current measure will involve 30 new teachers, trainers and IAG practitioners in Italy, Germany and Greece.

They will be involved through the Regional Ministries in Sardinia, Thessaly and Berlin, in coordination with the private strategic partners there – Ciofs-FP (Italy), Dimitra (Greece) and Gsub mbH (Germany). Additional practitioners will be involved from other countries supported by Rinova (UK), Ballymun Job Centre (Ireland) and Eurocircle (France) and Sostra (Germany) as part of the field trial.

project partners

This project led by MetropolisNet EEIG

 Ciofs-FP (Italy)

Dimitra (Greece)

Gsub mbH (Germany)

Rinova (UK)

Ballymun Job Centre (Ireland)

Eurocircle (France) 

Sostra (Germany)

Autonomous Region of Sardinia (Italy)


Berlin Senate Department for Integration, Labour and Social Services (Germany)

Job4U srl (Jobiri) (Italy)

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