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Ballymun Job Centre Co-Operative Society Limited. Reg. No. 4397R; Ballymun Job Centre is a registered Charity, Charity Number CHY 8258 /Registered Charity Number 20020040

The Services provided by the Ballymun Job Centre are made possible through partnerships we have developed and support we have received from many European, National and local organisations.

The Ballymun Job Centre has in place a number of processes to support the governance of the organisation. The processes are intended to provide confidence to the various stakeholders (Board, staff, funders, clients and the public) regarding the management of the organisation and in particular the use of state, EU and private funding which are used to deliver the range of services and projects provided by the BJC.

As a legally constituted co-operative the BJC is governed by a book of rules. The rules provide the framework for how and why the BJC operates. The rules outline its mission, values, role of the Board and its officers, the management structures, it’s legal obligations and how it should conduct its business.

The Board members of the BJC are volunteers. The BJC believes it is important to support individuals who give freely of their own time to make an important contribution to the work of the BJC. The BJC has a handbook that provides guidelines to the members of regarding their duties and responsibilities. 

The BJC manages money on behalf of Irish and EU tax payers and private bodies. It is important that it manages the funding in a competent, transparent and productive manner. The finances of the BJC are audited by an independent auditor. As a co-operative the BJC submits its annual accounts and a completed AR15 Form to the Companies Registration Office (CRO). Since its establishment in 1986 the BJC has submitted annual return to the CRO. These are available from the CRO.  A copy of the BJC 2020 audited accounts are available here.