high support Services overview

On behalf of the Ballymun Local Drugs Task Force (BLDTF), the BJC offers a service to people who have or have had drug or alcohol issues. The service aims to develop bridging supports for clients coming from a background of drug or alcohol use.

About our service

The service works with clients to develop new directions, priorities and networks around re-intergration strategies.  Our Staff are experienced and trained in working with drug and/or alcohol issues.  The main supports that we provide in the High Support Service include employment supports, vocation educational and training supports, prison and community links, and career guidance. Many of the clients that we work with have gone on to gain employment or into further eduction or addiction treatment.  You do not have to be in receipt of a social welfare payment in order to access this service.


The main objective of the service is to assist individuals with a history of drug and/or alcohol misuse to access education, training and guidance supports. Working with the client to develop new directions, priorities and networks around labour market re-integration strategies. The service works with clients to support, motivate and encourage individuals to overcome the specific barriers that limit their capacity to access employment. As well as the provision of individual supports, the service develops training activities specifically designed for the client group. The service assists individuals in progressing career action plans and accessing the appropriate interventions.


we are here to help

We work with clients recently released from prison, with mental health issues, those facing or experiencing homelessness and those with complex family issues. 

      • Recovering/Stabilised drug/alcohol users
      • Adult drug/alcohol users (over 18 years)
      • Young drug users (under 18 years)
      • Homeless drug/alcohol users
      • Families of drug/alcohol users

how to access our service

You can avail of the High Support services in a number of ways

Call in to the BJC reception and register with our services, public opening hours are Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm and Friday 9am to 4pm

Ask for a referral from your key worker in another local agency that you are linked in with for example BYAP, CE scheme or other external organisation.

If you are already a client of the Ballymun Job Centre, you can ask for a referral from your Guidance Officer 

meet the team

Sandra Heffernan

High Support Guidance Officer - Telephone 01866 7000 or email hefferans@bmunjob.ie

sean kelly

Employment Engagement Officer - Telephone 01866 7000 or email kellys@bmunjob.ie

This service is funded by the Ballymun Local Drugs Task force (BLDTF)