DYS in Education, Professional Life, and Work

Project Duration: April 2023 – October 2025

Project Lead Partner: Ballymun Job Centre Co-operative Society Ltd

Project Description

The DysinEduProWork project aims to increase the inclusion of people with specific learning disorders (SLDs) in the professional sphere. The project will support DYS jobseekers by providing tools and knowledge to help fight the barriers that prevent individuals with disabilities from succeeding in their working lives. The labour market is a complex and difficult terrain to navigate, even for graduates without disabilities, but this can present as an insurmountable obstacle for people with invisible disabilities. The project will put in place accommodations for these individuals and increase and spread awareness of the needs of DYS individuals in the labour market. 

Disability awareness and inclusion are issues prominent both at national level and at EU-level, particularly with respect to workplace practices and labour market involvement. Figures reported by Eurostat, and in several other EU reports, evidence the high percentage of people with disabilities not currently involved in education, training, or working life. There’s also alarming data collected on the imbalance between EU member states with regards to inclusive educational settings and environments.

The DYS in EduProWork Project aims to provide the knowledge and tools to workers and employers to cultivate a greater workplace synergy, fight discrimination, and empower people with SLDs. The project will also foster work stability and career development for young workers transitioning from vocational education to the workforce. The primary goals are to empower neurodivergent people and to provide employers with tools to fight stigma and lack of information, broadening understandings of how the process can be more inclusive, and providing information to support HR professionals. Finally, we aspire to show the benefits of neurodiversity in professional life, through the examples of partnering countries and their respective provisions for employers who hire neurodivergent people.

Project Outcomes

  • Support Material for neurodiverse workers and jobseekers to learn how to enter the job market by overcoming the barriers they face. 
  • Training Material for employers, managers, and recruiters to make their workplace more adapted to all. 
  • Training Module usable by the future workers directly or by the VET providers. 
  • Supporting Tools to implement these learning outcomes. 

project partners

The DYS in EduProWork Project has 5 partners from across the EU: 

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