The Job Initiative Programme

The Department of Social Protection (DSP) funded Job Initiative Programme (JI) was set up to provide full-time employment for people who were 35 years of age or over, unemployed for five years or more, and in receipt of a social welfare payment.

The purpose of the programme was to assist long-term unemployed people to prepare for work opportunities through work experience, training and development opportunities.

While on the programme participants can keep entitlements such as medical cards and/or child dependent allowance.

The Programme is in operation in Ballymun since 1996. Since 2001 the BJC manages the JI in Ballymun. The JI has and continues to benefit both the participants and the voluntary/community organisations involved in the Programme.

All the individuals on JI make a valuable contribution to their local community by undertaking work in local community organisations.

For further Information please contact

Job Initiative Supervisor:

Sonya Caliman
Tel: 8667000