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Unsure of what type of work you would be good at?

Do you need information, advice and access to the following? 

  • Employment
  • Education & Training
  • Apprenticeships
  • Employment Programme

Drop in to the BJC to see how we can help you!  Take the first step to a job and/or a career! 

Our highly qualified guidance team have the range of skills and experience necessary to help you back on the path to employment and in developing your career.

The BJC provides the following supports/services to Job Seekers:
  • Professional one to one support to assist with career progression
  • Access to Job Seeking supports (Internet, phone, email, printing and photocopying)
  • Access to Job Vacancy listings and information
  • Professional CV
  • Assistance with job application forms & cover letters
  • Assistance with Job Seeking Skills
  • Interview coaching/mock Interviews
  • Assessment of current education, training and skills experience
  • Information on/referral to training courses available (Back to Education; Apprenticeships)
  • Access to financial supports for accredited training
  • Information on / Referral to Community Employment Schemes (CE)
  • Information on / Referral to SolasCDETB Training courses

The service provides a confidential setting where you can discuss and develop a career path with one of our guidance officers. The guidance officer, through a series of one to one meetings, will discuss your options. They will identify your strengths and weaknesses and help you decide what your goals are and will support you in fulfilling them.

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Career Guidance Service

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High support service

Find out more about our High Support services for job seekers

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