Project Description

The FLOWS project aims to create a career guidance framework based on forward thinking and a way of working for guidance practitioners that facilitates quality future focused career plans for job seekers who are already marginalised in the labour market, ensuring their inclusion in a technological and digitalized world of work.

Our main aim is to provide effective career guidance to young people and to assist them in discovering and developing their soft skills in order to ensure their inclusion in the labour market. As a result, we develop project tools and methods centred on the identification of transversal skills that can be used to future-proof the careers of disadvantaged young job seekers and enable sustainable employment, and we implement them with the project’s target group of disadvantaged young job searchers. To achieve this goal, we must build the skills of experts and youth workers in the field through the development of vocational education and training qualifications, which we will do in our project.

Project Outcomes

  • Framework Development: We define key competencies required for a future labour market and elaborate on the employability needs of disadvantaged young job seekers.
  • Tool Specification and Content: This output will detail the core elements and project methodology to be adapted in light of technological workplace demands, training requirements, and key competencies of young job seekers.
  • Developing Training module for practitioners and Online Platform: This will enable the project partners to implement training modules with the aim of increasing communication and interpersonal skills and digitalisation skills of young job seekers.
  • Piloting of the FLOWS approach and Psychometric Evaluation: This step will result in a method for guidance practitioners to facilitate future-focused career plans for young job seekers who are significantly under – represented in the labour market

project partners

The DigitalEmpowHer partnership includes 5 partners from 4 countries with diverse profiles:

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