Porject Overiew

The SCOPE project, lead by Ballymun Job Centre, aims to develop a transnational partnership with organisations working in an employment, guidance and/or VET setting with client’s who have high-risk drug use, and who are currently providing services to enable them to re-integrate into society through education, training and employment progression pathways. The overarching aim of this partnership will be to share current practices, methods and experiences with similar EU organisations, with a view to establishing a model of best practice and guidelines for implementation that would be piloted in VET associated organisations. A core objective is to document and strengthen quality standards in career guidance and job seeking support for this extremely marginalised group and develop a website holding information of our knowledge exchange. These clients should be able to access services which can respond to their needs and enable them to avail of VET and employment, and ultimately improve their quality of life and income.

For Further Information on the SCOPE Project contact:
Ruth Baker EU Projects Co-Ordinator
Tel: 01 - 8667000 or email: bakerr@bmunjob.ie